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Tuff "What Comes Around Goes Around" Home DVD (1991)

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TUFF "What Comes Around Goes Around" Home DVD (1991)

In 1991 we released "What Comes Around Goes Around" the CD. And filmed 2 videos for MTV, and a few others on our own. This DVD has our MTV#3 video on it for "I Hate Kissing You Goodbye" along with our Headbangers Ball "style" video for "All New Generation". Also our videos for "So Many Seasons" "Lonely Lucy" "Spit Like This" & "Ruck A Pit Bridge" and an old classic "Down On Sinner Street" with super old footage from 1987.

But the best part is the behind the scenes footage of us making "What Comes Around..." in studio, back stage, in the bus, the van and the Ryder truck. Tons of cool stuff. A factory pressed DVD and factory printed full color insert and it's 60 Minutes long.