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Tuff "The History Of Tuff" Feat: "American Hairband" (2001)

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Tuff "The History of Tuff" was released in 2001 and features the smash hit "American Hairband" a #1 request from Sirius/XM "Hair Nation" radio. In addition, the "American Hairband" track features lead guitarist Darrell Roberts (former Five Finger Death Punch & ex. W.A.S.P.) guitarist.

This has a 2 panel/4 page insert complete with lyrics, see images.

See track listing below.

1. American Hair Band (Radio Edit)
2. Not telling the truth
3. Don't Complain
4. American Man
5. I won't give up
6. So many seasons
7. Who the hell am I?
8. Another Man's Gun
9. A Place where love can't go
10. People they change
11. Good guys wear black
12. Sinner street
13. Summertime Goodbye
14. American Hair Band (Slang Edit)