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TUFF Stevie Rachelle 10 Disc Box Set GLAM Hairbands Crue Poison Ratt Skid Row


Please read my message to YOU at the bottom of the description for this listing.

That's right buy the WHOLE 10 Disc Set and save!

We're adding the latest "The Glam Years 1985-1989" CD as well. And Stevie Rachelle will sign ALL of the CD covers as well.

See the list below of all 9 cds and 1 DVD and their track listing. 10 Discs in total.

Any questions hit me back! Thx, Stevie

Bonus CD (The Glam Years 1985-1989)
This is a brand new factory pressed digi pack, CD with booklet released in July 2015 by RLS Records.

The images are for the Cover, Tray Card, and 12 page booklet.
The booklet is reversable, meaning you read cover to centerfold one side wth ALL Jim Gillette era info, songs credits, liner notes and images.
Then you flip the booklet over, and read cover to centerfold with ALL Stevie Rachelle era info, song credits, liner notes and images.

The liner notes by Jim Gillette, Todd 'Chase' Chaisson and Stevie Rachelle are not shown, you can read them when you receive your CD.
There are also over a dozen images, many never seen before.All tracks have been remastered and sound Glam as F??k!

The Disc includes the early era recordings with Jimmy L'Mour (aka Jim Gillette) on lead Vocals.
The first 4 of these half dozen tracks were originally released on Cassette ONLY as "Knock Yourself Out" in 1986 by Tuff Muff Music Inc.

Order today...and enjoy "The Glam Years 1987-1989" by Tuff.

1st CD
TUFF "The Glam Years 1985-1989" (2015) just released, includes 12 page booklet.
w/ Jimmy L'Mour (aka Jim Gillette)
1. Glamour Girls
2. Forever Yours
3. Dressed For Dancin'
4. Candy Coated
5. Ooh-Ahh
6. Bang Bang
w/ Stevie Rachelle
7. Round 'em Up
8. Summertime Goodbye
9. Want Trouble - You Got It
10. Down On Sinner Street
11. Forever Yours
12. Ain't Worth A Dime
13. Good Guys Wear Black

2nd CD
TUFF “What Comes Around Goes Around….Again” (2012)
1. 'Good Guys Wear Black' featuring George Lynch and Jaime St. James
2. 'All New Generation' featuring Steve Brown
3. 'I Hate Kissing You Goodbye' featuring Keri Kelli
4. 'So Many Seasons' featuring Michael Raphael
5. 'What Comes Around Goes Around' featuring Jeff Loomis and Stephen Pearcy
6. 'Put Out Or Get Out' featuring Howie Simon and Lizzy DeVine
Remastered demos:
7. 'Round ‘Em Up' (1988)
8. 'Summertime Goodbye' (1988)
9. 'Want Trouble' – You Got It (1988)
10. 'Down On Sinner Street' (1989)
11. 'Forever Yours' (1989)
12. 'Ain’t Worth A Dime' (1989)
Bonus tracks:
13. 'Move Along'
14. So Many Seasons' (Piano Version)

3rd CD
TUFF “The History of Tuff” (2001)
01. American Hair Band (Radio Edit)
02. Not Telling The Truth
03. Don't Complain
04. American Man
05. I Won't Give Up
06. So Many Seasons
07. Who The Hell Am I?
08. Another Man's Gun
09. A Place Where Love Can't Go
10. People They Change
11. Good Guys Wear Black
12. Sinner Street
13. Summertime Goodbye
14. American Hair Band (Slang Edit)

4th CD
TUFF “Regurgitation” (2000)
01. Ain't Worth A Dime
02. Another Man's Gun
03. Round 'Em Up
04. A Place Where Love Can't Go
05. Forever Yours
06. Want Trouble You Got It
07. People They Change
08. Don't Complain
09. Follow The Loser (live)
10. In Dogs We Trust (live)
11. God Bless This Mess (live)
12. Spit Like This (live)
13. Stop Pulling My Chain
14. Put Out Or Get Out
15. Alone With You
16. Don't Know Where I'm Going
17. Money Talks
18. School Bell Hell
19. What Comes Around Goes Around

5th CD
Stevie Rachelle "Since Sixty-Six" 2nd solo CD (2 page - 4 panel insert Released 2000 (RLS)

1. Like a Kid Again
2. Not Telling the Truth
3. I Wont Give Up
4. Two Peanuts on the Floor
5. It's All Over
6. Tova
7. All Out of Love
8. Dont Complain
9. Broken Man
10. Hotline from Hell

6th CD
"Religious Fix" (special edition label Advance, with color insert-tray card 1995)
you get the "Fist First" EP insert and booklet with the "Religious Fix" CD as well.

01. Tied To The Bells
02. Daddy's Money
03. Better Off Dead
04. I Like What I See
05. Sixteen Tons
06. Follow The Loser
07. Rattle My Bones
08. In Dogs We Trust
09. Electric Church
10. God Bless This Mess
11. Simon Says
12. Makes Me sick (Hidden track)

7th CD
"Decade of Disrespect" (3 page = 6 panel insert Released 1996 (RLS)

01. Tied To the Bells
02. The All New Generation
03. Virgo-M
04. Down on Sinner Street
05. I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
06. Don't Complain
07. Who the Hell Am I?
08. So Many Seasons
09. Summertime Goodbye
10. Better Off Dead
11. Disaster
12. Money Talks
13. Daddy's Money
14. Good Guys Wear Black
15. Ruck A Pit Bridge
16. Seek N' Destroy

8th CD
Tuff "Fist First" released in 1994 (RLS Records)
1. Tied To The Bells
2. In Dogs We Trust
3. Better Off Dead
4. I Like What I See
5. Electric Church
6. Simon Says
7. God Bless This Mess
8. Rattle My Bones
9. Sixteen Tons

9th CD
Stevie Rachelle "best sTuff" solo CD
Contains 20 tracks, see images for the cover & tray card (back).
The TUFF "Live In The U.K." is NO LONGER available, so we're adding the 3rd solo CD from Tuff singer Stevie Rachelle to this 10 disc set!

10th Disc (DVD)
"What Comes Around Goes Around" 1991 Home DVD. With color insert-tray card 1991 on DVD. See the videos, go in the studio, behind the scenes, making the record, on tour, in the bus, backstage, soundcheck, in the motel & much more!