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TUFF "Fist First" CD on RLS Records first released in 1994


TUFF "Fist First" factory CD, with 2 page/4 panel insert. Released by RLS Records in 1994, the band's own independent record label.

The CD will be signed by singer Stevie Rachelle to the name of the customer buying the disc unless you request a different name.

1 Tied To The Bells
2 In Dogs We Trust
3 Better Off Dead
4 I Like What I See
5 Electric Church
6 Simon Says
7 God Bless This Mess
8 Rattle My Bones
9 Sixteen Tons

Produced by: Randy Cantor, Tuff and Scott Campbell

All tracks Recorded at Cornerstone Studios Chatsworth California March 1992
Except Tracks 1, 4 & 9 recorded at Fresh Tracks Studio in Philadelphia, PA and at Loud Garage Studios Ben Salem, PA

Tuff studio band is...
Stevie Rachelle / Vocals
Jorge DeSaint / Lead Guitars
Robbie Crane / Bass on tracks 2,3,5,6,7 & 8
Michael Lean / Drums

Randy Cantor / Bass on tracks 1,4 & 9

Live touring band featured Jamie Fonte / Bass

NOTE: Also available on Cassette, found in this Store under DVDs/Cassettes!