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Tuff "Decade Of Distant Memories 1985-1995" DVD


Following the end of the band, we released "Decade of Disrespect 1985-1995" in early 1996. This also included the home video (DVD) called "Decade of Distant Memories 1985-1995". This is a full 2 hours of killer stuff from the early years in Hollywood, up til the last shows on tour in the fall of 1995. This DVD has a awesome selection of stuff including videos for "I Like What I see" & "Makes Me Sick". Also videos for live songs from the tours, but the footage is edited, so it's not just a straight live take. The live edited video clips are for "All New Generation" "Tied to the Bells" "God Bless This Mess" "In Dogs We Trust" & "Spit Like This".