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TUFF "Decade Of Disrespect" CD


This factory replicated (Silver pressed) CD has a 3 page, 6 panel booklet inside and tons of pictures.

See images for the inside panels of this insert.

Released 1996 (RLS RECORDS)
Track List:
01. Tied To the Bells
02. The All New Generation
03. Virgo-M
04. Down on Sinner Street
05. I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
06. Don't Complain
07. Who the Hell Am I?
08. So Many Seasons
09. Summertime Goodbye
10. Better Off Dead
11. Disaster
12. Money Talks
13. Daddy's Money
14. Good Guys Wear Black
15. Ruck A Pit Bridge
16. Seek N' Destroy
Stevie Rachelle - vocals
Jorge DeSaint - guitar
Todd Chase - bass
Michael Lean - drums

Produced by Howard Benson, Randy Cantor, Tuff and Scott Campbell.