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ENDLESS PARTY Sunset Strip zine 1988 The Zeros Keel Mad Moxie Funhouse Brunette


This listing is for an issue of Endless Party Hollywood local Zine, issue #23, May 1988.

The Zeros are the cover story, and the issue contains 20 pages of ads, reviews, shows advertisements, features, and previews of all things related to the Sunset Strip music scene, the glam, the goth, local and international shows.

Bands include, The Zeros, Mad Moxie, Funhouse, Keel, Black Cherry (Paul Black, ex-L.A. Guns), D'Molls, Love Razors, Brunette (Hardline), Tommi Gunn,

Lots of candid photos of select celebs, and scenesters from the very famous Hollywood scene in the 80's and early 90's.

I ship from So. Calif. daily...

Thanks for looking, RLS Ent.