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WildSide "The Wasted Years" CD (2004)


WildSide was originally called Young Gunns but changed their name upon signing to Capital Records. This is their 3rd release from 2004.

This is a factory replicated disc, w/ a 2 page/4 panel full color insert!

Track List:
01. Sintro (Original Bridge For Lad In Sin)
02. Hemi-Cuda
03. Easy As 1,2,3
04. Crash Diet
05. City Of Love
06. Dance - Swing
07. Sweet Little Sinner
08. Just Another Night (demo)
09. Makin' You Bleed
10. Killing Machine
11. Hair Of The Dog (demo)
12. Kiss This Love Goodbye (demo)
13. Dear God (live)
14. The Clock Strikes (live)

Drew Hannah - vocals
Brent Woods - lead guitar
Benny Rhynedance - guitar
Marc Simon - bass
Jimmy D. - drums