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St. Valentine Hot Pink 7" Single (1983) Ft: Lizzie Grey of LONDON & Desi Rexx of D'MOLLS


This listing is for a NEW & MINT Super Rare 7" 45 Vinyl single from the band St Valentine circa 1983.

St. Valentine was...

Desi Valentine / Vocals (later becoming Desi Rexx of D'MOLLS)
Lizzie Grey / Guitars (Former member of London with Nikki Sixx)
Donnie Cameron / Bass
Nigel Itson / Drums (later a key member of Ruby Slippers)

The platter itself is Hot Pink in color, and comes in a paper sleeve, that is noted with the band's name on one side as ST. VALENTINE.

Side 1: "These Are The Good Times"
Side 2: "Don't Step Outta Line"

These have been sitting in a box with other collectibles for almost 40 years!

Here is what Lizzie Grey himself said about St. Valentine in a 2005 Metal Sludge 20 Questions.

"""" St. Valentine – Glam Rock

Members: Desi Valentine (became Desi D'Molls), Lizzie Grey, Donnie Cameron, Nigel Itson (later of Ruby Slippers)

Back to the glam formula that worked. Fronted by Desi Valentine in drag (thank you NY Dolls), this band was yet another notorious Lizzie Grey glitter/glam configuration, although now we were beginning to be eclipsed by the onslaught of new L.A. heavy metal. I'll never forget the night we played a Red Cross 'Blood Drive' with W.A.S.P. at the Troubadour and Blackie Lawless tore down our balloon drop from the ceiling! I think he later caught the ceiling on fire. Desi dressed up as a nurse that night. It was hilarious. -- Lizzie Grey """""

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