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Glam Rock 4-CD Super Pack, Nitro, Tuff, WildSide & More

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CD #1 JIM GILLETTE "PROUD TO BE LOUD" (Nitro singer) see song list and info below.

Jim Gillette is the singer for the heavy metal glam band NITRO. This is his first solo CD (Pre-Nitro) that he originally released on Cassette and Vinyl (only) in 1987-88.

The tracks were re-mastered, packaged and bonus tracks added in 2003. The CD is full color packaging with a 2-page 4 panel insert. Front and back full color tray card as well.

The CD features the guitar work of legendary speed kills guitarist Michael Angelo "Batio".

1. When The Clock Strikes 12 4:33
2. Head On 4:11
3. Angel In White 4:29
4. Flash Of Lightning 5:01
5. Proud To Be Loud 4:40
6. Never Say Never 3:14
7. Nitro (Instrumental) 1:31
8. Red Hot Rocket Ride 3:54
9. Make Me Crazy 2:42
10. Show Down 4:02
11. Mirror-Mirror 5:34
12. Bitch On My Back (Bonus Track By Nitro) 2:55
13. Organ Donor (Bonus Track By Organ Donor) 3:35
14. Out Of Time (Bonus Track By Doug Marks & Jim Gillette) 3:30
15. Six Feet Deep (Bonus Track By Organ Donor) 2:52
16. Dr. Monster (Bonus Track By Slut) 2:22

CD #2 WILDSIDE "The Wasted Years" (aka Young Gunns from the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA).

Track List:
01. Sintro (Original Bridge For Lad In Sin)
02. Hemi-Cuda
03. Easy As 1,2,3
04. Crash Diet
05. City Of Love
06. Dance - Swing
07. Sweet Little Sinner
08. Just Another Night (demo)
09. Makin' You Bleed
10. Killing Machine
11. Hair Of The Dog (demo)
12. Kiss This Love Goodbye (demo)
13. Dear God (live)
14. The Clock Strikes (live)

CD#3 TUFF "What Comes Around Goes Around" glam rock debut from the Sunset Strip rockers.
(special edition label Advance, with color insert-tray card 1991)

Track List:
01. Ruck A Pit Bridge
02. The All New Generation
03. I Hate Kissing You Good-bye
04. Lonely Lucy
05. Ain't Worth A Dime
06. So many Seasons
07. Forever Yours
08. Wake Me Up
09. Spit Like This
10. Good Guys Wear Black

CD #4 "KINGS OF SUNSET STRIP VOL. 1" CD feat: ANGORA (w/John Corabi), Jailhouse, Young Gunns (aka WildSide) & Tommi Gunn
KINGS OF SUNSET STRIP Vol 1. Features songs from the following 80s Hollywood bands.

Angora feat: John Corabi (Motley Crue, Union, Ratt, The Scream)
Tommi Gunn feat: Anthony Focx (Beautiful Creatures)
Young Gunns aka WildSide
Jailhouse feat: former members of Rough Cutt, Orgy & NEVE

This disc contains 3 tracks each from these bands early demos from the late 80s.

The CD is factory replicated, and comes with a 2 page, 4 panel booklet.

Inside you’ll see a classic picture of each band, with some credits.