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Tuff All-American 6-Pak, Tee, Tuff & Shameless CDs + KOSS Vol. 1


This listing is for a 6-Pack of items. 1 T-shirt & 5 Cds + Buttons!
1 Tuff tee, 2 Tuff CDs, 2 Shameless CDs and the Kings of Sunset Strip Vol. 1 compilation. See each items noted below, w/ track listing and who appears on each disc.

Retail a $ 75.00 value for ONLY $ 49.99 with no shipping in the USA!
You'll save roughly $ 30.00 on this bundle package. All Cds signed by Stevie Rachelle of Tuff.

Item #1 TUFF "American Hairband" Concert Tour T-Shirt
Comes in sizes, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-large & XXX-Large.

Full color front and back graphics, see images for front and back design!

Item #2 TUFF "The History of Tuff" features the smash hit #1 single "American Hairband"
as heard on Dee Snider's House of Hair & Sirius Satellite's Hair Nation.
This CD has a 2 panel/4 page insert complete with lyrics, see images. See track listing below.
1. American Hair Band (Radio Edit)
2. Not telling the truth
3. Don't Complain
4. American Man
5. I won't give up
6. So many seasons
7. Who the hell am I?
8. Another Man's Gun
9. A Place where love can't go
10. People they change
11. Good guys wear black
12. Sinner street
13. Summertime Goodbye
14. American Hair Band (Slang Edit)

Item #3 SHAMELESS "Queen For A Day" feat: Steve 'Sex' Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd
This is an imported CD and everytime we get them in stock, they sell out before ALL other Shameless releases.
This CD is a remastered version of the 2000 release and was re-issued in 2012 with a bonus track.
See track listing on Tray Card pictured above. This disc is factory replicated with a full color booklet.
Track Listing is as follows...
1. Shock the World
2. Queen 4 a Day
3. You Cant Stop Me
4. Far Away
5. American Man
6. Nonstop City
7. Lonley Nite in Paradise
8. I Don't Think I Love U
9. What U Want Is What You Get
10. Steal the Girlz
11. I'm So Good
12. A Place Where Love Can't Go

Alexx Skunk Michael bass
Steve Summers vocals
Stevie Rachelle vocals
Kari Kane drums
B.C guitar
Keri Kelli guitar
Keith Alan drums
Danny Wagner keyboards
Jani Lane backing vocals
Brian Tichy drums
Ziggy Stardust guitar
Steve Riley drums
Tracii Guns guitar
Eric Singer drums, backing vocals
Teddy Zig Zag Andreas backing vocals, keyboards
Bruce Kulick guitar
Gilby Clarke backing vocals

Read more about "Q4AD" below from Wikipedia.
After gaining a cult following and positive response from the underground hard rock community Alexx Michael and B.C. decided they would record another album. Back in Germany they were writing new tracks and rehearsing them by January 2000. This time was decided that the album would be produced at Keri Kelli's studio in Orange County, California.

The album titled Queen 4 a Day was recorded in March 2000 and featured a total of thirteen songs. Another Kiss cover was also present, "Tomorrow". It featured more guests, with some on the previous album returning.

Alexx Michael
Steve "Sex" Summers (Pretty Boy Floyd)
Stevie Rachelle (Tuff)
Kari Kane (Pretty Boy Floyd)
Keri Kelli (Big Bang Babies)
Steve Riley (L.A. Guns)
Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns)
Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses)
Teddy Andreadis (Guns N' Roses)
Eric Singer (Kiss)
Bruce Kulick (Kiss)
Keith Alan (Big Bang Babies)
Brian Tichy (Sass Jordan)
Danny Wagner (Warrant)
Jani Lane (Warrant)

The album was released in Europe via MTM Music, they did a tour of Germany and the Netherlands in promotion of it. Bruce Kulick joined the band on tour and performed some tracks live with them.

Item #4 SHAMELESS "Dial S For Sex"
factory replicated disc w/ 12 page booklet, imported from Germany. ALL-STAR line up
This CD is a import from Germany. A brand new run of FACTORY PRESSED discs!

This CD features vocal guests: Jani Lane (Warrant), Steve "Sex" Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd & Stevie Rachelle of Tuff. Also features guest guitarists: Chris "The Animal" Holmes (W.A.S.P.) & Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper Band & Slash's Snakepit). Alexx Michael band founder plays bass on all tracks along with partner BC (guitars).

The track listing for 'Dial S For Sex' is as follows..
1. 'Innocence Is No Excuse'
2. 'Hot & Cold' (KATY PERRY cover)
3. 'Summertime Goodbye' (Feat: Chris Holmes)
4. 'Live 4 Today'
5. 'Always On My Mind' (ELVIS PRESLEY cover)
6. 'Love The Way (You Make Me Sick)'
7. 'Don't Hesitate'
8. 'U&I'
9. 'Operator'
10. 'Toy Human'
11. 'Goodbye 2 U'
12. 'Far Away' (Feat: Jani Lane)
13. 'Hot & Cold' (Feat. Lauren Breen)
14. 'Summertime' (Reprise)
15. 'Happy Birthday To You'

feat: ANGORA (w/John Corabi), Jailhouse, Young Gunns (aka WildSide) & Tommi Gunn
Features songs from the following 80s Hollywood bands.
Angora feat: John Corabi (Motley Crue, Union, Ratt, The Scream)
Tommi Gunn feat: Anthony Focx (Beautiful Creatures)
Young Gunns aka WildSide
Jailhouse feat: former members of Rough Cutt, Orgy & NEVE
This KOSS disc contains 3 tracks each from these bands early demos from the late 80s.
The CD is factory replicated, and comes with a 2 page, 4 panel booklet.
Inside you’ll see a classic picture of each band, with some credits.
Track listing is as follows for KOSS....

1. Shake, Shake
2. Jailbait
3. Weekend Love Affair
4. Feel The Heat
5. On The Road
6. Sheila
7. Sweet Little Sinner
8. Dance-Swing
9. City Of Love
10. Sweet Angel
11. Stand Up
12. Tell Me

John Corabi Vocals
Jimmy Marchiano Guitars
Frank Scimeca Bass
Robert Lezzi Drums

Tommi Gunn
Vince Kelly Vocals
Marty Kelly Lead Guitar
Steve Alhers Guitars
Pat Ryan Bass
Anthony Focx Drums

Young Gunns aka WildSide
Drew Hannah Vocals
Brend Woods Lead Guitar
Benny Rhynedance Guitars
Marc Simon Bass
Jimmy D. Drums

Danny Simon Vocals
Michael Raphael Guitars
Amir Derakh Guitars
Matt Thorr Bass
Dave Alford Drums

Item #6 TUFF "Live In The UK" CD, feat: Stevie Rachelle (Vocals), Michael Thomas (Guitars), Brian Suanders (Bass) & Tod "T" Burr (Drums)
TUFF 'Live in the UK" CD comes with a 2 page, 4 panel booklet.

01. Good Guys Wear Black
02. God Bless this Mess
03. Spit Like This
04. Ruck A Pit Bridge
05. In Dogs we Trust
06. I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
07. So Many Seasons
08. Dead, Jail Or Rock'N'Roll
09. Tied To The Bells
10. The All New Generation
11. Daddy's Money
12. American Hair Band
13. God Bless This Mess
14. Good Guys Wear Black
15. American Hair Band