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Tuff 5-Pak Vinyl + 2 CDs + 2 DVDs (limited available)


This listing is for a TUFF 5-Pak!

Includes the recently released "Decadation" limited edition 12" vinyl record.

Includes the recently released "The Glam Years 1985-1989" digi-pak with 12 page booklet

Includes the "What Comes Around Goes Around - Again" digi-pak with several name 80s rock star guests (see track listing for who)

Includes the "What Comes Around Goes Around" Home DVD '(The Videos) from our 1991 debut tour, and studio record "What Comes Around Goes Around"

Includes the "Rock N' Rarities" DVD, from select shows, live in concert, with Tuff, see back for exact cities, dates, and club locations.

Buy these items separately and it'll cost you $ 82.00 but order HERE and you save more than $ 30.00 and ONLY pay $ 49.99

ITEM # 1 = TUFF "Decadation" Vinyl Limited 12" Record

Tuff "Decadation" on limited 12" Vinyl Record.

Our first ever Vinyl release in the USA! Order YOUR copy today, this is a limited pressing!
Here is the track listing.

Side 1988
1. Round 'Em Up
2. Summertime Goodbye
3. Want Trouble - You Got It
4. Love Runaround (Live Rehearsal)
5. Summertime Goodbye (Live Rehearsal)

Produced By: Jesse Harms
Recorded At: Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, CA Spring 1988

Side 1989
1. Sinner Street
2. Forever Yours
3. Ain't Worth A Dime
4. Good Guys Wear Black
5. Radio Japan (Interview)

Produced By: Warren Croyle
Recorded At: Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood, CA Spring 1989
Mixed At: Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, CA

See images atatched of the front, back, insert, vinyl record.

The cover photographs are from the legendary Neil "Zloz" Zlozower.
The recordings were taken from original 2" Ampex tapes from our original sessions in 1988 & 1989. The tapes were baked at Bernie Becker mastering in Padadena, CA
The Record also includes a 2-page insert, choke full of credits, liner notes, and flyers from the hey day of 1988 & 1989 on the Hollywood/Los Angeles club circuit with Tuff.
Order today....before they sell out!

ITEM # 2 = TUFF "The Glam years 1985-1989" CD digi-pak w/ 12 page booklet

Track Listing. Songs 1-6 w/ Jim Gillette, and songs 7-13 w/ Stevie Rachelle.

1. Glamour Girls
2. Forever Yours
3. Dressed For Dancin'
4. Candy Coated
5. Ooh-Ahh
6. Bang Bang
7. Round 'em Up
8. Summertime Goodbye
9. Want Trouble - You Got It
10. Sinner Street
11. Forever Yours
12. Ain't Worth A Dime
13. Good Guys Wear Black

This is a brand new factory pressed digi pack, CD with booklet released in July 2015 by RLS Records.

The booklet is reversable, meaning you read cover to centerfold one side wth ALL Jim Gillette era info, songs credits, liner notes and images.
Then you flip the booklet over, and read cover to centerfold with ALL Stevie Rachelle era info, song credits, liner notes and images.

The liner notes by Jim Gillette, Todd 'Chase' Chaisson and Stevie Rachelle are not shown, you can read them when you receive your CD.
There are also over a dozen images, many never seen before.All tracks have been remastered and sound Glam as F??k!

The Disc includes the early era recordings with Jimmy L'Mour (aka Jim Gillette) on lead Vocals.
The first 4 of these half dozen tracks were originally released on Cassette ONLY as "Knock Yourself Out" in 1986 by Tuff Muff Music Inc.

Order today...and enjoy "The Glam Years 1987-1989" by Tuff.

ITEM # 3 = TUFF "What Comes Around Goes Around - Again" CD digi-pak

What Comes Around Goes Around... Again! is not just a remake, but also a revisited disc of memories for CH@SE and $tEVIL.
“This disc was a few years in the making, from the idea, to the actual sessions," says Rachelle. "I wanted to remake some of these songs – as our Atlantic Records debut was discontinued years ago. Fans see the youtube videos then want a quality copy of these songs but there isn’t one out there. Now it’s here."

Also included are a half dozen of the bands earliest re-mastered demos that feature the classic hair band line up of Tuff: Stevie Rachelle - vocals, Todd Chaisson - bass, Jorge DeSaint - guitars and Michael Lean on drums.

The CD is packaged in a cool and new format digipak. It's 3 pages/6panels. See pics for the entire artwork layout.

TUFF "What Comes Around Goes Around – Again" track listing is.....

1. 'Good Guys Wear Black' featuring George Lynch and Jaime St. James
2. 'All New Generation' featuring Steve Brown
3. 'I Hate Kissing You Goodbye' featuring Keri Kelli
4. 'So Many Seasons' featuring Michael Raphael
5. 'What Comes Around Goes Around' featuring Jeff Loomis and Stephen Pearcy
6. 'Put Out Or Get Out' featuring Howie Simon and Lizzy DeVine
Remastered demos:
7. 'Round ‘Em Up' (1988)
8. 'Summertime Goodbye' (1988)
9. 'Want Trouble' – You Got It (1988)
10, 'Down On Sinner Street' (1989)
11. 'Forever Yours' (1989)
12. 'Ain’t Worth A Dime' (1989)
Bonus tracks:
13. 'Move Along'
14, 'So Many Seasons' (Piano Version).

ITEM # 4 = TUFF "What Comes Around Goes Around" Home DVD
In 1991 we released "What Comes Around Goes Around" the CD. And filmed 2 videos for MTV, and a few others on our own. This DVD has our MTV#3 video on it for "I Hate Kissing You Goodbye" along with our Headbangers Ball "style" video for "All New Generation". Also our videos for "So Many Seasons" "Lonely Lucy" "Spit Like This" & "Ruck A Pit Bridge" and an old classic "Down On Sinner Street" with super old footage from 1987. But the best part is the behind the scenes footage of us making "What Comes Around..." in studio, back stage, in the bus, the van and the Ryder truck. Tons of cool stuff. A factory pressed DVD and factory printed full color insert and it's 60 Minutes long.

ITEM # 5 = TUFF "Rock N' Rarities" Home DVD
Lastly we have "Rock N' Rarities" This DVD has 27 different LIVE performances from 1987 thru 1995. Songs played at world famous clubs in Hollywood like "Whisky" "Gazzarri's" & "Troubadour" also the "Country Club" in Reseda, add to this select songs filmed at shows in Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan & Indiana. This is a factory replicated DVD, with a full menu, and comes with a factory printed full color insert. Running time 90 minutes.

All of these items, Vinyl, CDs and DVDs are all factory replicated! The DVDs have full menu's for selection on the DVD. Also each come with a factory printed Full Color Insert.
And ALL will be signed to YOU, by Stevie Rachelle, unless you want a different name than what is on the invoice/order, please let me know and I will sign accordingly.